Sean is interested in photographing traces of humanity in unexpected places; also in finding hints of science fiction in seemingly-routine structures. Sean works as a creative director and designer of video and motion graphic design projects when he's not creating photos and video of his own. 

While completing a Master’s degree in architecture, Sean began working with videography and computer animation.  He taught animation classes at NYU, and his films have screened in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston, and in Victoria, Canada. Sean has also collaborated frequently with his bride, Kristin Brenneman Eno, on films for young children. 

His top four geniuses named David are: Bowie, Byrne, Lee Roth, and Lynch. 

Born in Atlanta, Georgia, 1970
Bachelor of Science in Architecture, University of Virginia, 1992
Master of Architecture, Columbia, 1996
Entered Brooklyn, 1996
Marriage, 2002
Fatherhood, 2009